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If you were to get on an airplane and question everyone around you about the price of their ticket, you would get a variety of responses. Why? Because the airlines, due to supply and demand, has devised various classes to assure the flights are filled to maximum capacity. It is a complex setup and not easy to understand, even for travel agents sometimes.

Generally speaking, most people think they are buying a ticket which is labeled as "first class" or "coach" and that is the major distinction between the price of the tickets. That is true to a point but it goes further than that because there are other many other classes within the coach class
To obtain the lowest price, the travel agent must search through numerous possibilities (different time and date of departure and return, different airlines servicing these areas, different airports, checking through the various classes) in order to find the best deal. This takes time and effort on the part of the travel agent and sometimes you connect with a person who is not interested in going "the Last mile" in order to obtain the cheapest price.

When requesting a quote regarding airfare from anyone, whether a travel agent or the airlines directly, make it clear how flexible you are willing to be in order to obtain the cheapest ticket. Atlas Tour & Travel will assure you, if you request a quote from Atlas, every effort will have been expended to assure you get the cheapest ticket and that you are satisfied with your itinerary. This may require a lot of patience from both of us
Atlas Tour & Travel's primary focus is to sell Cruises and Tours...but we will gladly service any of your travel needs!

DECLARATION: The information contained on this or any other page of the web site, Atlas Tour and Travel, is based on research of other sources, personal opinion and feedback from travelers. Although every effort has been made to be as error-free as possible, the information is not to be considered as being 100% accurate since facts can change and there must be an allowance for human error.

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