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1) Approved child restraints:

* Children under 20 lbs should be restrained in an approved rear facing seat. (FAA approved for motor vehicles and aircraft.)
* Children weighing between 20 and 40 lbs should be restrained in a forward facing seat.
* Children weighing over 40 lbs should use the standard belt that is used by the adults.

For more information on this subject, call the FAA consumer hotline at:1-800-322-7873

2) Choose a flight which is not likely to be busy and maybe there will be an empty seat if you don't want to purchase a child's ticket for a child under two years old. Most airlines will allow one child under two to travel free. If you have an approved FAA seat, it is best to place them in an empty seat next to you which provides the maximum safety for the child. If there is not an empty seat, you must hold the child in your lap (out of and not in the approved seat) or pay a child's fare for them to travel. In the event there is more than one child under two years old, there is only one lap child allowed free. Statistics prove that holding a child in your lap is not the ideal method of providing safety for the child. The safest way to protect your child is to buy a child's ticket and place them in it in an approved FAA seat. All children over two years old are required to purchase a ticket.

Prepare for potential emergencies. Listen as the, flight attendant gives instructions regarding oxygen, life jackets, etc. Oxygen, if it becomes necessary, should always be applied to the parent first in order to avoid confusion from oxygen deprivation and they become unable to provide safety for their child. If the child has serious medical problems, please make sure the staff is aware of the problem in the event you become disabled.

4) Do not allow your children to run up and down the aisle. In the event that the aircraft hits a sudden "air pocket," the children could be seriously hurt. Be sure to keep them in control at all times. Out of control children become a liability to everyone on board.

5) Place the children on an inside seat away from the aisle. This keeps them from reaching out to others and possibly be hurt from passing passengers. Keep them strapped in their seats at all times, if possible since turbulence can occur at any time.

6) If you bring toys for the child to play with, be sure they are safe ones. Be sure they have no sharp points or break easily. If they have electronic toys do not let them play with them except during flight as the toys might interfere with the aircraft's navigational system during ascent and decent.

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